The 22nd Air Transport Research Society (ATRS) World Conference

The 22nd Air Transport Research Society (ATRS) World Conference held on 2-5 July 2018 at COEX, Seoul, Republic of Korea. This four-day event allows presentations and discussions of, on the one hand, completed research in air transportation and, on the other hand, research in process. Also high-level speakers from academia, government as well as industry will discuss current issues in the air transport sector to disseminate their achievements in this field, and provides them with a opportunity to fruitfully exchange their ideas.

The Air Transport Research Society World Conference plays a leading role in the development of the aviation industry as one of the most pivotal occasions where aviation academicians get together. During this conference, Our APEC Study Centre members shared their various experiences and knowledge and carried out comprehensive analyses and discussions on the present and future of the air transport sector. The Guest dinner effectively served its networking purpose for future potential cooperation in different fields.

Dr. Andrew Yuen, Associate Director of Aviation Policy and Research Centre, and Prof Michael Fung presented two topics in the conference, which is “Impact of China-ASEAN ATA on Hong Kong Hub Competitiveness” and “Regional Development and New Airport Construction in China: Does a New Airport Really stimulate Regional Growth?” respectively.

Furthermore, Dr. Andrew Yuen also chaired the Aviation Industry in APEC Economies session and held a Guest Dinner.