Report Discussion on Education Hub at Social Solution Initiative, Osaka University

Prof. Travis NG, the Director of the Economic Research Centre, discussed the report “Building an education hub to address some population challenges” at The Social Solution Initiative (SSI) at Osaka University in June 2023. The paper serves as a discussion material during a meeting between the Policy Research @ HKIAPS of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the SSI of Osaka University.


Education hub, as defined in the paper, is characterized by a significant “come-and-go nature”: Substantial inflows and outflows of non-local students over consecutive years. Although less commonly discussed, creating an education hub presents a crucial concern for many nations seeking to tackle significant population challenges such as declining fertility rates and an aging population. An education hub can yield numerous benefits for the local economy, including increased demand for goods and services, and a higher likelihood of expanding the local labor supply.


In this paper, Professor NG proposes several measures to increase non-local students’ willingness to study in local universities, such as promoting “go” as a policy orientation, considering the percentage of mandatory courses that require local knowledge, and ensuring students have ample freedom to personalize their studies. A detailed discussion of policy implications follows. The paper also took Hong Kong as an example of an education hub.


The paper is available here.