Air Connectivity in APEC Development and Challenges

by Clement K.W. Chow, Cheung-kwok Law, Michael C.M. Leung, Michael K.Y. Fung, Andrew C.L. Yuen and Ting-hin Yan


This study aims at investigating the air connectivity among APEC economies and also in the context of the global aviation network. In the APEC Leaders’ 2013 Declaration, APEC leaders affirmed their vision of reaching a seamlessly and comprehensively connected and integrated Asia-Pacific balanced on three pillars — physical connectivity, institutional connectivity and people-to-people connectivity. Further, in 2014, an APEC Connectivity Blueprint for 2015-2025 was developed to guide the region’s efforts to better integrate the region. The study will use the NetScan model to measure the connectivity of major airports of APEC economies in the period between 2009 and 2017. The results will show the changes in connectivity of the airports in the study period. Thus, the results may shed lights on the strategies and policies on how to establish a seamlessly and comprehensively connected aviation network among APEC economies.