Free Trade and Globalisation – the HK Experience in Retrospect and the Prospects


The seminar on “Free Trade and Globalisation – The Hong Kong Experience in Retrospect and the Prospects” was held successfully on 1st December 2017. The seminar was organised by the Trade and Industry Department, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Business Advisory Council, Hong Kong, China (ABAC, HKC) and the Hong Kong Committee for Pacifc Economic Cooperation (HKCPEC) were the coorganisers of the event, while the APEC Study Centre, Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacifc Studies (HKIAPS), The Chinese University of Hong Kong was the supporting organization of this seminar.

In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, this seminar brought together government ofcials, leading scholars and business leaders to look at Hong Kong’s success in retrospect – and more importantly – to explore ways to sustain our success and set the standards even higher for the next 20 years and beyond.

This booklet features highlights of the event and a short writing piece summarising the recent trend of globalisation and the position of Hong Kong in the context of regional integration. In addition, as an integral part of the seminar, undergraduate students from the economic department and the Business School of Chinese University of Hong Kong produced a series of research posters that explore salient economic issues surrounding Hong Kong’s economy in the past 20 years. It is our hope to use this booklet as a platform to share research findings by our students with you.