The Development of MSME Policies in Hong Kong

by Cheung-kwok Law and Michael Leung


The purpose of this short paper is to introduce the major “micro, small and medium enterprises” (MSMEs) policies implemented in Hong Kong in the last 20 years. At this stage, we aim at summarizing the major features of these policies. In the second stage of the study, we would attempt to assess the effectiveness and shortcomings of such policies. Naturally, an international ex- change and comparison within APEC would be in order, we would like to seek collaboration with other APEC Study Centres to move this project forward.

In the following, we would introduce a brief literature review on the ecosystem of entrepreneurship and MSMEs. Then, we would outline the major MSMEs policies implemented in Hong Kong in the last 20 years. Such policies are divided into two categories: general policies and specific policies (regard- ing the innovation and technology industry, and the creative industries). Finally, we would provide some tentative conclusions and suggest the way for- ward to formulate a more comprehensive study under the APEC umbrella.