Aviation – Database

Introduction This data set aimed at providing a general view on the development of aviation industry within Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in the past decade. This data hope to serve as a platform to introduce the recent development of the fast-growing aviation industry in APEC to the public, as well as to provide the basicContinue reading “Aviation – Database”

The 22nd Air Transport Research Society (ATRS) World Conference

The 22nd¬†Air Transport Research Society¬†(ATRS) World Conference held on 2-5 July 2018 at COEX, Seoul, Republic of Korea. This four-day event allows presentations and discussions of, on the one hand, completed research in air transportation and, on the other hand, research in process. Also high-level speakers from academia, government as well as industry will discussContinue reading “The 22nd Air Transport Research Society (ATRS) World Conference”