International Student Summit 2021

Economic Analysis of Public Policy

The International Student Summit 2021 was held during May and June 2021. The Summit aims to bring students with different major of studies around the world together and study policies from economics perspective. Economics way of thinking is different from the non-economics way, which would require additional work to learn the techniques. Other than the economics way of thinking, we hoped the participants could also have an international exposure on policies and cultures from others’ presentations, and polish their skill set, such as teamwork, literature research, presentation, writing and quantitative analysis.


All students are welcome to apply.


The deadline is at 23:59 (GMT +8 hrs) on 22nd May 2021.

Each team is required to submit only ONE application form. All information provided by the participants in the form must be true and accurate. 

Successful applicants will receive further notice by email before 27th May 2021. We will require further information for the implementation of this conference. 

All information provided will not be disclosed to third party. Any enquires regarding the programme are welcome to send to Organisers reserve the right to amend the programme of the rules and regulations. Should there bedisputes, the Organizer reserves the right to the final decision.

Objectives and Instructions

The objective of the participants is to evaluate arguments of a policy. Each team is required to submit a report of 5 pages (at maximum) and a ppt file of 20 slides (at maximum). Proper citation is required.

Step 1.Choose a public policy that is being/ had been imposed in any economies. There is no limitation on the areas of the policy, but it is recommended to choose a policy that has obvious direct impact(s).
Step 2.Quantify the chosen public policy. Analyse the policy with existing arguments and evidence. 
Step 3.Make a presentation of 10 minutes.

Dates of event

Orientation & Training

29th May 2021
10:00 – 13:00 (GMT +8 hours)
ZOOM meeting
The orientation will provide more guidelines and suggestions on the programme requirements.


18th June 2021
09:00 – 13:30 (GMT +8 hours)
ZOOM meeting
Each team has 15 minutes to discuss with Prof. Travis Ng.


26th June 2021
09:00 – 13:30 (GMT +8 hours)
ZOOM meeting
Each team is required to present their work within 10 minutes.


Winner: HK$ 5,000/ student in team

1st Runner-up: HK$ 2,000/ student in team

2nd Runner-up: HK$ 1,000/ student in team

All Participants: Participattion Certificates

Terms and Conditions

  • Your private information will be used only within our utilization purposes for the implementation of this conference. All information provided will not be disclosed to third party.
  • Once you are accepted for participation, the Organiser reserves the right to show your name and affiliation for promotional purposes on our website or other channels.
  • The Organiser reserves the right to record the events throughout the orientation and the Summit, and to review the recordings. 
  • The Organiser reserves the right to use your works for publications, with your names and affiliation shown.