International Student Summit 2018

APEC Study Centre hosted an International Student Summit (ISS) from 10 May 2018 12 May 2018 for elite students from different countries. It aims to bring together high schools and universities from different economies, deepen understanding each others themes and exchanging ideas so as to foster global perspectives and partnerships.

Participants are expected to work in teams to coordinate a research and presentation about technology start-up or business environment for small and medium enterprise (SMEs) and society. Teams are required to conduct a presentation on the chosen technology start-up.

There are 3 foreign universities participated in the programme. City University of Macau (Macau)National Chiayi University (Taiwan) and Thammasat University (Thailand).

For the better understanding of the technology related industry future opportunities and challenges, Programme participates did not only exchange ideas in their research presentation but also visited Tencent Qianhai Towers, located in Qianhai, ShenZhen.