Price control on gasoline, New Jersey USA

I. What happened In 2012, Hurricane Sandy greatly damaged New Jersey’s infrastructure and led to a temporary outage that disrupted the operation of some gas stations. Newspapers reported that 60% of the gas stations in New Jersey were closed. The sellers raised the gasoline price by as much as 30% in a day. New Jersey’sContinue reading “Price control on gasoline, New Jersey USA”

Price control on Uber, India 

I. What happened Uber is a well-known app providing ride-hailing services, with businesses operating around the world. It is a rather new business model – “the sharing economy” which matches up taxi passengers and drivers. In India before 2016 when price used to be unregulated, as opposed to the traditional taxi service providers mandated toContinue reading “Price control on Uber, India “

Price Control on food, Sri Lanka

I. What happened Hard hit by COVID-19, Sri Lanka’s tourism sector was severely dragged in 2020. Its tourism revenue dropped from the highest of USD 450 million in December 2019 to nearly zero throughout the second and third quarter of 2020. As a result, the country’s economic growth in 2020 also shrank by 3.6%, following aContinue reading “Price Control on food, Sri Lanka”